What Goes On When You Visit The Internet?

What if you were told that your favourite online shopping would cease to exist. You could no longer rely on various e commerce platforms to deliver you your favourite items at the 11th hour. If you really needed something you would have to visit your nearest market place and buy it from there and if it was after closing time, then you had no choice but to sit and wait till the next day?. What if you were told that quick google searches were out of the equation anymore and even for the most simple piece of information you would have to look through books and newspapers and magazines. You would be shocked right? For some it may even mean the actual literally end of the world. However, not long ago people used to live exactly this lifestyle and did not find it odd at all. We don’t realise how much of an effect internet has on our lives today.

How has the world evolved over the few years?

When we look at the world today, the first adjective that comes to mind, is development and convenient. The world we live in today is extremely convenient and progressive for us all. However, there was a time when none of this existed. There were much simpler times, when none of these facilities prevailed. There were times when conveniences like the internet, email, telephones or social media apps were far from existing. So how did our world turn into what we see today? Well the answer is quite simple. Lots of evolutions and discoveries led to where we are today. The turn of the world wasn’t an overnight process. Rather, it was a series of development that spread out over a series of period. It is truly marvellous to think that discoveries and inventions that started from something as simple as the wheel, could lead to the invention of something so complicated such as the internet.

Even though they might not seem directly related,  they do have a connection. One invention led to another and it was only when new inventors had access to previous resources that development was made possible. While it is natural to get caught up in our very hectic lifestyles and forget how we have all come so far, we must not forget those who made it possible for us. The sacrifices and hardwork of the people must never be forgotten