A Guide to Selling Motorhomes

In preparing to sell your mobile home, you will learn everything you probably should have known before about regular maintenance of a mobile home. Hopefully this information will help you get your van in good condition and ready for sale. Here are some of the tips you can learn on how to properly care for your tires.

Weighing axles on a platform scale

Even if you know your tires are the right size and load range for your RV, you can be sure not to overload them by weighing them axle by axle and side by side on a platform scale when the vehicle is fully loaded. This service is often provided at roadside weighing stations or construction warehouses. You can find out the location of the nearest one by looking at the yellow pages in the Scales or Weighing sections.

Weigh the axles individually and distribute the weight evenly

Once you find a place near you with the platform scale, you will want to weigh each axle of the loaded vehicle individually. In addition, loads should always be evenly distributed to ensure maximum stability and ease of handling.

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Sticks and stones can break my tires

This is probably common sense, but stones or other objects stuck in the tire grooves should be removed. Tires less than 1/16 ” tread must replaced.

Bring a spare

You should always have a spare tire and a spare wheel in your RV, as well as equipment to change tires and wheels, as you never know where you might run into problems. May not be the right size.

Tire puncture detection

Flat spots are not so much dangerous as unpleasant, as they can temporarily cause rock drift. This is primarily the problem of tires with nylon cords or nylon belts. This occurs when the van is parked for an extended period. Nylon basically retains the shape of a parked car for some time, sometimes up to twenty miles after it leaves its parking lot. Good to know if someone wants to test a car that has been parked for a while.

When you have more knowledge, you are more trusted.

While I will sell my motorhome and will probably not be traveling on it anymore, it is useful to know this information either for future use with other vehicles I may have, or when talking to potential buyers. You will want to look as knowledgeable as possible about your car and its service. If not, how will they know that they can buy from a trusted you?