Understand How CBG Hemp Flower Works

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid that has gained significant traction in the medical world for its healing effects. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with neurological disorders, various forms of pain and muscle spasms, and even psychosis from CBG Flower.


However, since it isn’t one of the chemicals typically found in average marijuana plants, those looking to purchase this chemical might be unable to find it readily available on dispensary shelves. That’s when they should take a look at CBD hemp flower products! We’ll give you some information about how these buds work so you can decide.


Unlike the traditional marijuana strain that uses mainly THC to get high, there are varieties of cannabis that have long been bred to produce more CBD than other chemicals. It’s these plants that are grown specifically to produce CBD—and also terpenes, but we’ll get to that presently. Once the buds are harvested, they’re dried and made into a product such as CBD hemp flower.

CBG Flower


Just because a cannabis plant produces high amounts of CBD versus THC doesn’t mean you won’t get high using it. Both chemicals will still be present in the dried flower product, but different amounts. And although some people find that the high they get from the cannabis bud product can make them sleepy, the new onset of sleepiness is not caused by THC. Instead, it results from the body’s system trying to use up all available cannabinoids before they run out.


It isn’t so much that you won’t feel any effects of having this terpene in your body, but it is more likely that you won’t feel them as intensely as you would with regular marijuana.