Advantages and disadvantages of hardwood

Wood is a natural floor covering that radiates warmth and is therefore ideal for a living space. When it comes to hardwood, a distinction must first be made: is it solid hardwood or prefabricated hardwood floor in covington la that consists of different layers, whereby only the top layer consists of the respective precious wood. The latter is of course not quite as high quality and the advantages and disadvantages are partly different. At this point, we are looking at solid wood floorboards.

The advantages of hardwood are:

The high-quality Solid wood floorboards are real wood through and through, an absolute luxury product for nature lovers.

the natural look, there is no more natural flooring. You can see and feel this because real wood feels warmer than a floor with a wood look.

The longevity Solid wood floorboards are very durable because they can be sanded down several times if they are scratched.

The disadvantages of hardwood flooring are:

it wears out relatively quickly. Over time, the natural floor covering wears off and gets scratched. Chairs and other furniture that you drive crazy leave their mark on the floor. Then hardwood has to be sanded down, which means an effort that should not be underestimated.

it is maintenance-intensive. Wood is a natural product and as such, it can expand and warp due to temperature differences and humidity. Joints can occur in winter. For this reason, you should not wipe a wooden floor too damp and maintain it regularly with special oil.

it is very expensive. Solid wood floorboards have a very high price. This arises from the higher material requirement, the longer drying time of the wood and the higher workload.

Walking noises If you lay hardwood floating without an insulating underlay, you will always hear walking noises. This can only be reduced significantly by glueing hardwood, which should be done by a specialist so it is highly advised to get the best specialist.

Some types of solid wood

Many such floors consist of solid hardwood elements or softwood veneered with hardwood.  You can differentiate between single-layer and multi-layer hardwood.  While the single-layer hardwood consists of solid wood, the multi-layer hardwood consists of two or three layers, with the top layer also being solid wood.  This type is also called prefabricated hardwood.  The thicker the solid wood layer of the hardwood, the more often it can be sanded down and resealed.