Yoga And Body Awareness

A lot of us happen to live our lives in a state of auto-pilot. We are not consciously paying attention to our surroundings, and we will usually feel like we are lost in our heads. This is a common issue amongst people. Another issue that people face, especially people who have dealt with trauma or difficult childhoods is a feeling of disconnect with their own body. They are unable to feel grounded, safe, or connected to their body. This can be a very disconcerting feeling for people, and therapy is strongly advised. A practice that you can add along with therapy with a consistent yoga practice. If you are looking to join classes, you can check out Marianne Wells Yoga RYT.

Yoga is a great practice to help anyone become more oriented to their body and to learn to become consciously aware of their thoughts and surroundings. Mindfulness, a practice that involves paying attention to one’s immediate present using our five senses is promoted through yoga. This helps people slowly get out of the state of autopilot they are in and consciously pay attention to their surroundings and themselves.

Yoga involves having to stretch and move the body in a lot of ways, and this is where body awareness comes in. Your instructor will teach you how to pay attention to your body, and once you start doing it mindfully, you will pay attention to which parts of the body are being strained and stretched when doing different poses, when your body is telling you to stop because it is at its limit, what is feeling good, and what is not feeling good as you are transitioning through different poses. This will of course take time, but once you develop a consistent practice, you will start becoming more grounded and aware in your body, which is a necessary practice in life.