How to increase your testosterone levels naturally


For those who are not aware of what testosterone is, no worries. Testosterone is a vital and a primary sex hormone which is generated in men, it helps them grow beards, muscles, etc. It plays an important role in the development of the reproductive tissues of males such as the testes and the prostate. Not only this, testosterone is helpful in boosting secondary characteristics as well such as growth of muscles and bone mass, growth of body hair etc. Let’s see what are some of the Foods That Raise Testosterone Naturally.


Generally testosterone hormone is generated naturally and even though it is a male hormone, some amount of it is also generated in women but we will talk on that some other day. Nobody is considering their testosterone levels unless they come to know that they are lacking behind. As you keep on aging, your testosterone production keeps on getting slowed in return causing various problems in your life whose symptoms start showing soon enough and can end up affecting a lot of your life. It can cause problems in you getting intimate with your partner further causing relationship problems, work issues and so on. The use of cannabis has proven to decrease your testosterone levels, even too much smoking or drinking can affect your level of testosterone.

Some of the naturally there foods that you can intake in order to get your testosterone levels back on track are; onions and garlic; they are the best foods for increasing testosterone and they are very easy to add to your already existing diet. It is also known for supporting sperm production thereby increasing the rate of fertility. Second on the list is, meat and seafood, these foods are known to contain zinc and vitamin D in them which has been proven to be good for men’s health. Green leafy vegetables are always suggested by the doctors for everything and surprisingly they can even help in increasing your testosterone levels by simply reducing the oxidating stress.


In this blog we covered a lot of things about the male hormone which is testosterone. We started by shortly seeing what testosterone hormone is then later on we explored why and how can it decrease but then we also did some research so as to get those levels back on track and start eating healthy food again.