Renting A House – The Rent

When deciding to make a house income, the rent is certainly the fundamental element. The rent is a value that is closely correlated with the value of the property . Finding the correct rent is not easy. This, above all because for each type of contract, which we have seen above, the amount of the applicable rent is different. In general today, the rent of a property must be as fair as possible in relation to the value of the property (and similar ones in the same area). This will lead potential tenants in a short time to promptly finalize the negotiation condo for rent in Pattaya.

How To Have Parameters To Establish The Rent?

In order to have a reference parameter for determining the applicable rent, you can refer to the OMI database of the Italian real estate market, made available by the Revenue Agency . Starting your own analysis on the rent from the OMI database is certainly an important starting point on which to reason, also on the basis of the values ​​practiced by the competition. Alternatively, you can use the data you can get from the various online listings of properties in your area and with similar characteristics.

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Finally, it is useful to remember that for long-term leases, the rent can be updated every year, based on the trend in the rate of increase in consumer prices, recorded by Istat, compared to the previous year . A condition to be able to do this is to insert a specific clause in the contract.

Renting A House – Rental Contract

The signing of the lease is certainly one of the fundamental aspects. All rights and obligations for both the landlord and the tenant derive from the lease agreement . For this reason, the stipulation of the lease must be treated in detail. The lease contract, in fact, is the first instrument of protection for the owner in the event of insolvency of the tenant . There are usually three classic mistakes that are made when signing a lease.

In fact, the rental contract must be signed and registered under penalty of nullity (the only exemption concerns tourist rentals ). The bad habit of keeping the contract in the drawer and rushing to register it only in case of disputes is contrary to the law.

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